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Some people find it difficult or daunting to engage in everyday digital activities, especially when faced with complex or confusing technology. People with dementia, learning disabilities or a brain injury may be unable to join in with their family and friend’s on-line interactions.

Always in Mind helps overcome this barrier by providing simplified, friendly and safe access to every-day digital photos, videos, websites and emails.

Easy Contact

Stay in contact with relatives and friends to share experiences using digital photos, messages and more.

Easy Access

Friendly, safe and personalised access means everyone can become more confident using digital technology.

Easy set-up

Family, friends and supporters simply select media to share using existing digital social tools like Google.

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Always in Mind Features

Always In Mind makes it easy to see favourite photos, youTube videos and email messages that have been prepared in a user’s Google account. Web pages can be viewed and a simple speech (AAC) feature supports no verbal users.

Easy to Use

Large touch buttons with clear text or pictures are organised into uncluttered screens with clearly signposted navigation.


Options cater for individual user preferences and screen complexity that can be changed as requirments change.

Built in reminders

Help is always available at the touch of a button with text and speech reminders of what to do.

Connect through popular websites

Privately communicate and share using popular websites such as Google or Facebook.

Safe and secure

Activities cannot cause damage to content and connections are safely restricted to people you trust.

Reliable service

A fully supported web service using “best of breed” technologies and services. Use any device with web access.

Low cost

Affordable subscription rates for easy access and no hassle cancellation.

Open for improvements

Open source development means your ideas and contributions can improve easier access.

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